TOAK® Torch Reusable Bottle Starter Kit


Energize without compromise with TOAK’s newest Reusable Bottle Starter Kit! Take multiple beverages with you in the form of portable flavor caps and fuel your energy wherever you go. With bold flavors designed to hydrate and energize, our starter kit now contains 6 flavored caps along with a new Reusable Bottle design. Not a tea drinker? No need to worry! This new line contains new energizing flavors, and is our first non-tea beverage. SPARK your energy, BEAM your light, and hydrate in a FLASH!


• One Reusable Bottle
• 2 Spark (Watermelon) Flavored Energy Caps
• 2 Flash (Fruit Punch) Flavored Energy Caps
• 2 Beam (Berry) Flavored Energy Caps

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