A Burst of Flavor at Your Fingertips
Powered by Vessl™ Technology

Over time, functional ingredients (such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc.) may:

• Settle,
• Separate
• Lose efficacy
• Lose flavor
• Fade in color
• Expire

Unlike any other teas, yerba mates, energy drinks, or flavor enhancers on the market, the pressurized Vessl technology protects ingredients without the need for preservatives or powders.

How Vessl Technology Works

It’s in the cap!

  1. The Vessl® cap has a chamber that is filled with ingredients and pressurized with nitrogen. This keeps the ingredients sealed and protected without the need for preservatives.
  2. Tighten the cap onto any TOAK® reusable bottle.
  3. When the cap is twisted off, the ingredients are propelled from the chamber and instantly mix with the water inside the bottle. No need to shake, simply twist & sip!