Meet Spark, Flash, and Beam

We know you’ve been asking, so we’re answering.

If you ran into the TOAK Torch Energy flavors at the gym, what kind of gym-goer would they be? With our single flavor refill cap-packs now available, this is the perfect time to introduce them! Meet Spark, our motivational trainer, Flash, the intense competitor, and Beam, the balanced yogi. Which one would be your gym persona? Read on to find out!

Spark (Watermelon): The Motivational Trainer

Meet Spark – the motivational trainer of the gym world. With its crisp and invigorating watermelon flavor, Spark embodies the essence of energy and enthusiasm. Just like the motivational trainer who encourages you to push harder, lift heavier, and strive for greatness, Spark fuels your workout with its refreshing taste and revitalizing energy. It's the perfect companion for those who lead by example, inspire others to reach their goals, and believe that anything is possible with dedication and determination. Most likely to be a fitness instructor that motivates and inspires their clients or a gym buddy who encourages you to achieve your goals.

Flash (Fruit Punch): The Intense Competitor

Enter Flash – the intense competitor of the gym floor. Bursting with the bold and tropical flavors of assorted fruits, Flash is as vibrant and energetic as the competitor who leaves it all on the line with every rep and set. Just like the fierce competitor who thrives on challenges, competition, and pushing limits, Flash energizes your workout with its exhilarating taste and unstoppable power. It's the perfect companion for those who embrace the thrill of the challenge and never back down from a fight. Flash is likely a CrossFit enthusiast that thrives on intensity and competition or an athlete that pushes themselves to the limit.

Beam (Berry): The Balanced Yogi

Introducing Beam – the balanced yogi of the gym community. With its harmonious blend of tangy berries, Beam embodies the essence of serenity and balance. Just like the mindful yogi who finds peace and tranquility in every pose, Beam nurtures your workout with its soothing taste and gentle energy. It's the perfect companion for those who seek harmony between mind, body, and soul, and believe in the power of balance to achieve true wellness. Beam can be found working on their breathwork, practicing their pilates, and prioritizing core strength and stability.


No matter which flavor resonates with your own gym-going persona, TOAK Torch Energy's Refill 24 Cap-Pack offers a convenient and sustainable way to power up and conquer your fitness goals. With our diverse range of flavors and energizing formula, you can fuel your workouts, unlock your potential, and elevate your gym experience to new heights. So, whether you're a Motivational Trainer, an Intense Competitor, or a Balanced Yogi, there's a TOAK Torch Energy flavor waiting to amplify your performance and ignite your passion for fitness.